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modpost: Hello

Welcome tospn_chickflicks  an SPN/SPNRPS community based on chickflicks. It is similar to spn_harlequin and abouttwoboys but with the difference that all the movies are in a high school or college environment.

>> The main pairing has to be either Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen. Other than that any pairing, including het or slash is welcome.
>> Minimum length for your fic is 10,000 words. They're based on movies after all. And also, we love long fics. There is no maximum length.
>> Two entries per movie.
>> Any rating goes.

Sign ups will start now and end 30st of April.
Posting will start 1st of July and end 14th of August.
Go HERE to sign up.

Go HERE to choose your movie. 

To get in contact with the mods, please E-MAIL US.
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